Design is the silent ambassador of your brand ~ Paul Rand

Logo design is the prevalent asset of a brand. It’s a little image holding lots of responsibility.

So it’s a respectable question that “What is the logo design cost?” but trying to response this query without precise details is near impossible task.

Logo designing is not just simply choosing a pleasant font and playing with shades and shapes, it’s about creativity level, about research and mainly about the efforts.

How is logo design cost decided?

When you work with a logo designer to create your brand identity, your attention should be more on the success of the end result and not utterly on the logo design cost.

You need to define the background about what your brand is all about. You are paying for their knowledge, capability, creativity, skills and their valuable time. So, the logo design cost varies depending upon the proficiency of the designer, how long it takes to design your unique and creative logo design, and to which extent the designer pushes himself.

Designing is never a 2 to 3 hours’ work, they are always apprising and enhancing their skills. The designer will need the modern design software, utensils and resources and these do not come cheap.

Designers who use low-priced software and tools can only offer low quality logos.

But remember, spending in a robust logo design for the longer term and not just for the sake of a new design trend will create firmness and reliance of the brand.

So, what would it be advisable for me to pay?

In the UK, a professional logo design cost can depend upon different factors. For a small business it can be around £250 to over £1500, for a medium business £2,000 to over £4,000 and for larger brands with more requirements it ca go beyond £8,000.

The point is that no matter how low or high you invest on a logo design, you eventually get what you pay for.