Twitter finally engages itself with ‘proper’ paid marketing and now users will come face-to-face with an interesting image, GIF or short video when they hit the explore tab the first two times of that day, rather than the same old boring explore page they were so accustomed to look at. These spotlight ads are essential to add life to the entire outlook of twitter.

The very first batch to avail this opportunity to stand out amongst the twitter crowd is Disney from the US, with their very first ad to promote Christopher Robin’s ticket sales and movie awareness which is a great start to the movie’s marketing itself as well as twitter’s new paid marketing strategy.

The ad is based on a GIF of Winnie the Pooh with its honey jar. When the users click on this ad, they are directed to a hoard of tweets of the similar topic with hashtag #ChristopherRobin, though the advertiser’s tweets remain atop.

The whispers of these new visual changes and revamping were heard back in February of this year, but nothing precise and authentic could be said regarding these changes. Now these promoted ads which are termed as Trend Spotlight ads, are an addition to the existing paid trend ads which are inserted somewhere in the middle of the trends list. This tradition is much more engaging and eye-catching as compared to the previous sponsored timeline ads which were barely noticed by the users and majority would just skip past it.

Although this strategy seems like a great demotion of organic content, but with this algorithmic timeline, the focus of users will not be deviated from ads as the new layout gives great exposure to these catchy ads. This strategy could earn twitter a great revenue and fuel the interest of marketers towards twitter marketing.

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