One of the best ways for enhancing your business operations and marketing strategies is social media. All your business operations can be accomplished by breaking the boundaries of time and place just only by the use of some web apps and accounts for social media marketing. Despite these enormous facilities, some perceptions regarding social media have been assumed the wrong way. Here to discuss top 10 myths regarding social media that you must know:

 Myth 1: Everybody Is On Social Media!

Like really? Not yet in anyway social media is accessible to all the people. A Huge amount of areas still exists in our globe where people are still deprived of electricity. Some recent analysis from experts has shown how pretty much people got to know about a product, not from social media. That’s the truth that social media is totally not accessible on every person’s radar.

Myth 2: Social News Aggregators works no more

Don’t know who propagated that social networks like Twitter and Facebook can only play a significant role in making the news viral. In reality, Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit are still considerable and works extraordinarily at spurring the content like a wildfire!

Myth 3: You can’t operate ‘All’ stuff In-House

It is definitely possible to work in-house on your own without your company’s staff to manage all social media platforms. Consultants have shown the amount of work that can be done alone has usually good quality.

In-house can give you more control over the quality of work that’s produced. It also enables you to better define the company’s culture.

Myth 4:  You have to spend hours on Twitter

You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours to converse with people belonging to different parts of the world.  Most of the tweets lead to a fun conversation without hourly efforts.

Myth 5:  Social Media Is Merely a Broadcast Channel

It feels like people still consider the social media as a Megaphone. Despite the fact of broadcasting the messages, social media helps you to interact with other people.

Myth 6:  Social Media account can substitute Your Website

Social media accounts aren’t going anywhere and neither is your website. Both have their better roles to play. Most people have shown interest in the official websites rather than a social page. So, websites possess quite an importance in the eyes of many internet users.

Myth 7: In Social Media, it’s hard to measure the Return on Investment

Social media experts know only how to run these social networks efficiently for social ads, but they lack in understanding the marketing tactics. But if you ask from marketing experts, they can tell some ways how to totally turn the social media activities into the enormous cash flow.

Myth 8: Bloggers waste their time

Most of us think that there is already much noise on the internet, why to go for blogging? Here’s the reason why: It will make you sound among millions or at least hundreds. Blogging will make you control over your brand. Especially if you have to keep your audience updated with something new.

Myth 9: You have to use every Social network

When someone isn’t aware that which social platform will be better for him to use. He will definitely feel that he should be on each and every social network. This can happen due to the lack of focus on how and which platform will suit him and his business the best.

Myth 10:  Real-Life Networking will be replaced by Social media

No matter how many platforms are there for the connectivity. No matter how many connections and links you have around the world. Companies need to operate in real-life as per their services. None of the social accounts can replace the real-life experiences of doing business.




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