We all know that social media is considered as the best tool for communicating and also considered as the main pillar of Digital Marketing for Smart People i.e. communicating and building relationships with customers.

You might be a huge company, a small company, or an individual. Any of these can use social media platforms to show your customers that you exist in the market. That you can be trusted easily. That you know your product properly.

The main element that kills your conversions is the lack of trust from customers. Social media gives you a fabulous, inexpensive, and an effective way to build that trust with customers and assures that you are here to serve customers online and helps to build a trusted relationship and to fill the communication gap with customers.

The second and third pillars are the direct response copywriting and content creating. Those are two different skills, but they are worthy if you use them together, then use social media tools to widely share the result of that work. It talks about how they’re different from each other and how they work as one with integrity.

What’s the Difference between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

And the last element of Digital Marketing for Smart People is to show something worthy for selling. Social media actually plays its role incredibly for this also, because of something most people forget too early. Social media is a tool for listening also, not just talking.

Want ideas for products that are a purely for success? For the language your prospects use to describe their problems? For the most used objections people have to buying something like your product or service?

Just “grow your ears and focus on listening rather than talking” (in Chris Brogan’s phrase) and listen on twitter, Facebook, blog comments (your own or someone else’s), forums, and anywhere else people wishes to talk. If you’ve never posted on social media platforms to engage, but used it completely for market intelligence and listening, social media could still make you a successful marketer.