Slack, the app which makes a professional circle for chat and enhances data callings from hundreds of apps for getting more work done has shown an increase in its growth rate in the last few years having more than 8 million active users and now the company’s plan is to capitalize more funding up to $400 million.

Firstly, it points out an opportunity in message in terms of enterprise allowing the consumers to take hold and messaging in terms of mixing the conversations and integrating GIFs or extracting the data from other applications making a way to for people to communicate in the workplace without any hindrance. As like the Whatsapp, there is a room seen in the enterprise messaging to grow further and making a new market of active users enrolling in it.

The launching of Slack with new functioning has given a tough time to the existing vendors and has made a tremendous increase in its growth with a huge number of users enrolling in it and caused a decline in the existing vendors. The growth rate has increased year by year as the concept of enterprise messaging has been enhanced through the launch of Slack and their market is expanding globally.

The growth is continuing. Today, the company has more than 75,000 paid members which are Capital One, eBay, IBM, 21st Century fox and many of the Fortune 100 companies as their main users in more than 100 countries around the world.  Their International markets are mainly in Asia, Europe and North America.

But thirdly, this would a great opportunity for Slack but Slack is not only the one who is in the town. There are Software giant companies like Microsoft and social networking companies like Facebook who are also in the market and are giving a great competition. They also have launched teams and shown more than 200,000 paying members and some huge customers like Walmart for them in their reports.

Slack’s distribution strategies can give a tough time to its rivals as they are providing the inner office communication facilities and different approaches than these giants companies for making new companies on board. The funding would be an opportunity to invest in building an ecosystem of its partners that can fill the missing functionalities.

Slack, which has a relatively modest 1,000+ employees, has been the leader of an IPO this year, so this latest come up will rule the enterprise messaging and will elevate its revenues year by year.