What is personal branding?        

Have you ever thought to make yourself a brand? It may sound you a bit perplexing and humorous, but reality is in today’s digital world many people are marketing themselves as a brand.

Personal branding isn’t new in the market, its bit different from Professional business branding. You can understand this term as “Making a quality reputation of yourself by your expertise on social media.”

If you are an expert in your field and don’t have a powerful and popular social media presence, then you are putting yourself in a loss of business, personal and professional life.

Personal branding is a prerequisite to get noticed among your peers, meet quality friends, elevate your career and get a better job.

Usually the mistake that people commit mostly is they discontinue the process of establishing their image or making the impression after becoming the brand.

One should keep on updating and interacting with their friends and fans in order to be in limelight.

Where can you promote yourself?

You can promote yourself in many ways.

  • You can have a personal website.
  • Can be a blogger or a vlogger.
  • You can also pick some 2-3 social media platforms and do them well rather than to be on all social media platforms.

Take an example of Michelle Obama:

Michelle Obama said once in her speech that you don’t have to be First Lady to influence. She also added that never underestimate the power in you to change a life.

How personal branding will help you?

  • It will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Will assist you how will you showcase yourself to the public.
  • It will give you confidence among your peers.
  • Will help you to be more practical and passionate about your work.
  • Will help you in coming up with innovative ideas
  • Will help you to demonstrate your skills
  • Will promote you and your personality worldwide
  • Will let others to take help from you
  • Can be a great way to know new people around the world and make new friends
  • Will help you to be busy
  • Convey your message and perceptions
  • Find your tribe ( find others who think and feel your way)
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