That logo (or some cycle between the two) has been the program’s logo since it propelled in 2002. Its chance for change, Mozilla says.

In a blog entry about “developing the Firefox mark,” Mozilla Innovative Chief Tim Murray diagrams the organization’s reasoning: Firefox isn’t only one program now. With side activities like Firefox Rocket (the organization’s program for associations with less transmission capacity) and Firefox Reality (Firefox, however for virtual reality), the organization is discovering it needs more squirm live with its plan dialect.

While at the same time they shared a couple of work-in-advance potential logos, they rushed to take note of that none of them are last. They may change things after some time (and they’re requesting input), or simply return to the planning phase all together.

The entire thing may sound a bit uncertain at this moment, and that is for the most part deliberate — it’s still quite early days simultaneously. Be that as it may, in the end, Firefox will get another logo; or, all the more precisely, new logos.

The work was displayed in two potential “frameworks,” each made out of one “Masterbrand” logo and 11 helper logos. The Masterbrand would be the essential one utilized for speaking to the brand in general, while those underneath it could each speak to an individual item.

On the off chance that it’s a decision between the two frameworks, I like Framework 2 — yet I’ve generally loved the current Firefox logo, and that is the set that feels like a greater amount of a refresh and to a lesser degree a total substitution. It’s more “Firefox”, less simply “fox.”

Firefox says the marking movement should meet up “finished the following couple of months” — so in case you’re an enthusiast of the exemplary logo, regardless it’ll be sticking around for some time.