We all have been fascinated by colors since we were toddlers. This is natural. Humans love colors. In kindergarten, we all wished to have the largest color or paint box. The love for colors hasn’t been wane by the passage of time, but still, its intensity exists in all of us.

No matter how many objects we see all day, we will be fascinated by the object of our favorite color at a glance. Our eyes get a spark from colors that we love the most. As each color communicates and evoke emotions in its specific way.

These colors affect our psyche in many predictable ways. Same phenomena work for Logos as well.

The Logo is the powerful force that represents the brand identity. Logo with color for a specific group of people will hit their minds naturally.

80% of customers admit that color elevate brand recognition.

If you are to design a logo for a specific purpose or for a particular group of people, then this blog of ‘color meaning’ can help you in deciding what color your logo should be.

Yellow is optimistic: Never lose hope!

Yellow is the color of sunshine that brings hope and positivity. This is the reason you would have noticed in horror movies, that when sun rays strikes a house or eyes of the victim, it brings positivity and dissipates the evil. Some believe that yellow color holds such brightness that if used with black; it can be read from miles away. This is the reason behind why tallow is used for taxi cab, traffic signals and buses. It is also considered as a childish color that’s why it is highly used for brands when marketing for kids products.

Orange is encouraging: Give yourself an energetic punch!

Orange color is enthusiastic and is famous for cheerfulness. People who are inspired from the orange are always on the go! The color is liked by those who are risk-taking, independent and have physical confidence.

Orange is loved by toddlers. Nickelodeons orange splash is favorite among kids and teenagers and nicely grabs their attention.

Red boost up your energy: Let your heart pump more !

Red color has the potential to pump heart more and increases pulse rate.

Red is the color of love, classic roses, heart and blood. It evokes strong romantic emotions. Red color also evokes the attention of people and urges them to buy the product. The color is cheerful and attractive enough that it can easily seek attention.


The color itself has a profound effect on human body as it conveys the message of love, passion and desire. The color also represents aggressiveness in some aspects.

Purple is creative: Tap into your thoughts and imaginations

Purple color deals in glorious impossibilities. The color invokes brain to progress and stick to its natural creativeness.

Every person is creative in his own way. Creativity is a human trait. It comes from our curiosity. The color activates and escalates the imagination and enthralls the eyes.

Purple color also has a bewitching effect with a luxurious touch. Cadbury Dairy milk has used the color so profoundly to reveal the luxury in their chocolate wrapping. The logo of Cadbury itself is of purple color lavishing a look of a luxury brand.

Blue is for strength: Be dependable

Blue, the color of trust, calm and productivity. Many strong technological brands like IBM, Dell, Intel and AT&T have always taken the advantage of blue color. As it depicts the meaning of strength, dependability and trust.

It conveys a trustworthy message. The color is an easy approach for company that prides itself in terms of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Blue itself has no doubt calming effect by nature. Best unignorable examples are sky and sea.

This is why you would have felt that being near the ocean can make you calmer and more creative. It can soothe your inner depression. Humans have always assigned healing property to water.

Go Green! Have some peace in mind 🙂


Green is the color of the nature. The color is restful, soothing and most importantly health-giving. Green is associated with plants.Scientific researchers in psychology, neurology and ophthalmology have found some preliminary evidence that the green color reflects relaxing effects on our eyes.


Apart from name ‘Animal Planet’ itself which is explaining the concept of animals and nature, they have used green color in their logo because nature is their core focus.

The logo of Tropicana has green color as its range contains totally natural juices. So if your brand is associated to nature, the wise decision for your logo color should be no other than green.

Black and white is a great combo: Use this combo to balance your Logo 

Black is associated with power, strength and authority. While white is linked to the righteous, peace and positivity.

Black traps the space, while white leaves and open the space. Black evokes superiority; white communicates innocence. It’s crystal clear that black and white are opposites.

This combo has defeated many colors when combined. There’s no match for this hotchpotch. Visual balance of black and white with an accent color always lead to a powerful messaging.


Now it’s up to you that which color will you pick for logo. Keep in mind what nature of your business possess. As the color can make a big difference in attracting the customers. Mixing and matching can also have a good influence and can stand out your logo ahead of the competition.

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