The world is now a Global Village. Internet is taking place all over the world. From education to business, everything is taking place over the internet.

“The number of internet users in the world is all set to cross the 3 billion mark in early 2015. Almost half of the world’s population will have access to an internet connection in four years from now” said eMarketer, a leading and respected research firm.

The prediction proved to be true and the increment in no. of internet users in the world has been greater than ever before.

Businesses are moving towards digital era. If you do business and don’t have a website, then you are missing significant and countless blessings of internet. What if an internet user is looking for a service that your business offers, but can’t reach to your firm?

This hindrance will be only due to the absence of your business website. No matter how tremendous services you are delivering, you will be out reach of billions of internet users whose time are spent glued to the search engines.

Here are the reasons why Websites are significant for business.

1. Ease of Global Business

Website is essential and immensely important for your business. It helps in connecting people worldwide. Undoubtedly, it has reduced the physical distance between those states who wished to do business. It has immensely helped people to cherish business dealings at the distance of continents. Your global visibility can work like a robot throughout the world by a proper website for your business.

2. A healthy investment

Website not only represents business worldwide but it also is a cheaper way for doing business globally. As you don’t need to travel around the whole big world for publicizing your business image. Also if you cannot take the money off the petty cash and pay for posters, brochures and pamphlets all the time, then you should invest just once on a website development –as you get a lot of bang for your buck! Here i am not contradicting the fact that you will have to pay per month for hosting stuff, still it is a mini investment . As it is the only option left for you to invest and harvest for a long-term. You can have customers locally and internationally through a properly designed website.

A website never sleeps nor take off time. It works for you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. None of the human employee can work this much at any cost. As of course, we are HUMANS not MACHINES!

3. Wins the heart of stay-at-home people

Website can work like a shopkeeper even for people who do home-based business or for people who glue themselves to homes 🙂 But it can also work tremendously who cant afford to have a physical stable shops. Also if you are a mini mart owner and provides free delivery of groceries at homes and have no web, then you are operating your business at a loss. People who search for marts facilities online will not find your presence online. Same things goes around for other businesses. Availing services and receiving parcels staying at home will evoke nonpareil feelings in your customers. This experience will provoke them to avail only your service their next time wish.

4. Customer Loyalty

As mentioned above, if customer had a golden experience with you during online shopping. Not only shopping, any fulfillment of their demand through your business online will make them surely loyal to you.

Apart from experience perspective, online presence is crucially important for building trust and loyalty among new customers.  It has been observed that 56% of the massive customers do not trust a business or a brand who doesn’t have a website. Yet still around 50% of SMEs (Small and Medium sized enterprises) do not possess website.

People usually make a perception that a business possessing a website can have fewer and lower occurrences of frauds.

5. Connectivity 24/7/365 

Potential and relevant customers can contact your business through your web 24/7/365. Website can make the two ends of the world remain in touch with just a connectivity of a Wi-Fi. Marketing hasn’t been this cheaper than ever before. It has undoubtedly broken the boundaries of place and time.

6. New means of A Powerful Marketing:

Having a strong website leads to strong marketing. Pictures of all the items/products and details of the services have made it easy for online customers to make the decision fast and get to know about what your business is all about. Again you get a bang for your buck regarding your business’s name and fame and a global move to do marketing.

7. There’s always an option for flexibility

Website can be updated whenever required. Customization of web design is always doable. You can add and updates more features.

For suppose if you are about to introduce the very new service or a product to your business. Then a website gives you an option of update and that service can be known to your customers. A dead website is like a dead business. Keeping viewers update on daily or weekly basis will help viewers to hark back to your stuff and of course your business 😉



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