1. Facebook and Instagram show how much time you’re spending on them.

Facebook and Instagram have launched a new feature that shows how much time a user is spending on each network. Also, they’ve launched a tool especially for social media addicts which reminds the users to log off after they exceed the daily limit.

2.Twitter is going to display related hashtags for trending topics.

Twitter has recently launched the relevant hashtags for the trendy topics which actually help users to search the trendiest topics through the hashtags. Once a user stats searching these topics so they’ll see the relevant hashtags which can make their search easy for trendiest topics.

3. Snapchat adds voice-activated Lenses.

Snapchat have recently announced a funny new feature: if you say one of several English words like “Hi”, “Wow”, or “Love”, an AR animation will trigger over your face. Funny stuff!

4. Instagram tests an option to limit your Stories audience by location.

Instagram is working on a feature that will allow users to select specific countries to show their Stories to. This has a lot of potential for brands that want to show location-specific Stories to the right audience (and boost engagement rates in the process).